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Discover the most powerful technique to rapidly unite your people, inspire widespread aligned action and help create a significant cultural transformation.

More naturally, effectively, and faster than ever before.

Enable your group, community or organization to come alive and be at its very best 

Could engage your best people?

Could develop a powerful, shared vision and purpose that unites
the individuals of your organization?

Could create a companywide cultural shift that has a lasting impact for years to come?

Ever wondered what your company could really be if you:

And everything you have ever dreamed your company could be is attainable, and MORE...

But I know what you're thinking, I have heard it before:

You're thinking you just need to 'get over' your organizational problems before you can
start making those things happen.

What if I told you that that way of thinking would keep you stuck in the daily grind?

Stuck in your issues?

It's true...

Achieving the level of impact you have been searching for is unlikely from that point of view.

Let me tell you;

You can achieve these things.

It's time to retire your SWOT analysis and pull your head out of the rabbit hole of your organizational problems.

The answers that can create the transformational change you desire for your company won't be found by focusing on your issues.

It's time, now, to place your attention on what can be

Even if it seems impossible from where you
sit right now...

And boldly step after it.

"Ana Karina's facilitation has been fundamental to take the Penn Club of Panama's leadership to new heights. She helped us craft a clear and actionable roadmap to advance our group's objectives. I'm thankful to have Ana Karina involved with us, and I'm looking forward to continued work with her
in the upcoming months."

- Julio Germán Arias, of the Penn Wharton Club of Panama

I know why you are here...

You want to learn the cutting edge tools that can transform your organization into your dream vision of success.

You've worked hard to get where you are.

You've sacrificed a LOT to provide for your family and the people in your organization.

And you don't want to see what you've built disappear anytime soon.

You want it to last...


Like you're bumping into an invisible ceiling, and you're struggling to breakthrough.

Maybe the rate of change and growing complexity in your business is causing everything to spiral out of control.

Or maybe everything has become stale and stuck in the minutia of daily procedures...

The thought of a new technique to help create a transformational change intrigues you, but you don't want to waste time on some 'theory only' nonsense that will cost you time and money and show little results.

That's what my new program is designed to do...

You're a successful leader already, but you're curious about the best and the newest strategies.

You want to create an inspiring legacy that can stand the test of time and provide financial security and a source of pride for your family for generations to come.

And more than that,

It feels like you've hit some kind of limit or barrier to continued growth and success in your organization.

What if I could show you how to transcend your organizational issues without going on a downward spiral of never-ending problem-solving?

You want something that can work fast and help you make the breakthroughs you need, without causing more issues or ending up in a finger-pointing session with your people.

Who's got time for that?

Not you.

Are you ready for a major shift?


The Dream Legacy Program™

for Organizational Transformations

The Dream Legacy Program™ for
Organizational Transformations

This brand new program incorporates everything I have learned about the science of Heart-Based Leadership and how to create exponential conversations that lead to unimaginable outcomes.

One of the keys to my program is a proven time-tested, and research-validated approach that leverages a positive facilitation technique called Appreciative Inquiry.

Appreciative Inquiry, blended with my other powerful techniques, specifically engineers conversations which rapidly accelerate:

Psychological Safety

It's unlike anything else you have encountered before because it throws out the standard 'old way' of forceful Leadership and business problem-solving advice.

Instead it focuses entirely on a new style of
Heart-Based Leadership built around the ability to:

Connect with a more powerful form of individual and group thought

Design and facilitate new conversations that bring people together

Craft questions that draw upon and engage collective strengths

And it does all of this – rapidly, naturally
and effectively.

No more SWOT analysis papers that fill up trash cans after the meeting.

​No more, problem-solving sessions that turn into heated discussions or arguments.

​No more time wasted on group meetings that don't lead to tangible results.

A Shared Sense of Purpose
Powerful Future Visions
Inspired Action

Allow groups to quickly co-create and enroll in shared purpose, vision and action

Enable complex and strategic change – not only in individuals – but also at the scale of the whole system (team, division, organization, community)

So that means...

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

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The most powerful aspect of The Dream Legacy Program™ is the underlying use of the scientifically developed heart-brain connection method proven by the HeartMath™ Institute.

What is the heart-brain connection method?

Its a scientifically validated technique that can rapidly connect people and groups to their genius so powerful thought can take place and inspire unbelievable transformations.

And it's so simple I can teach anyone to do this, especially in group settings.

But don't worry, it's not some 'spiritual meditation' practice where you have to chant and bang on drums.

It's done using an easy breathing and focus exercise that feels pleasant and calming to do and quickly clears 'mental fog'.

When I take groups through this exercise, what transpires after has been described by one of my clients as "beyond our wildest expectations."

Leaders find that their people are able to:

Embrace emotional connection and unleash powerful creativity

Connect interpersonally on a level they may have struggled to do before

Tap into a source of imagination and genius they didn't know they had

And have exponential conversations that transcend problems

To summarize, using this technique in a group setting can:

Rapidly create a fertile environment for growth and creativity inside any organization so they can develop an inspiring company vision and strategy that unites their employees with purpose.

Even if organizations have struggled to bring their people together in the past, the use of the heart-brain connection method inside the framework of The Dream Legacy Program™ can help transcend past difficulties and facilitate the creation of the unimaginable.

Apply To Bring The Dream Legacy Program™ to Your Organization Now

This revolutionary program transcends your problems, so you can stop wasting energy on solving daily issues and get to creating a strategy that can set you on an upward spiral towards your wildest dreams.

It gives you the tools, space and confidence to build the company legacy you truly desire.

And it works even if you've been unable to bring your people together in the past because the techniques and principles are entirely different and not focused on finding who, or where to place blame.

That's why it succeeds when other programs or mentoring fails. The Heart-Based Leadership model takes an entirely new approach to help with connecting people, innovating and developing business strategy.

Speak with me about creating your dream legacy using The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership.

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So, who am I? And what do I know about organizational transformations?

I'm an expert facilitator and mentor for forward-thinking groups, communities and organizations who want to go beyond their current results.

My company, Legacy Transformations, helps organizational leaders like you facilitate rapid transformational change inside their groups, so they can develop winning strategies and create a true inspirational legacy.

I've played a key leadership role in changing the culture in a leading Latin American Airline, which then went on to have a significant increase in profitability, reliability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. After the transformation, 94% of employees were very clear on how their daily work helped the company reach its higher goals of connecting people throughout the Americas.

Working with some of the most exciting and inspirational organizations, I specialize in group facilitation techniques based on heart-brain connection science that allows my clients to create lasting change and achieve extraordinary results.

My clients are the believers. The movers and the shakers.
The ones who will change the world.

I am so excited to launch The Dream Legacy Program™ for
organizational transformations.

If you've achieved success, but you want more for your organization and know you and your people are destined for greatness, The Dream Legacy Program™ will be the impetus you need for visionary outcomes.

When organizations want to create significant transformational changes, I am the one they call.

I'm Ana Karina

But most importantly, I work with aspiring organizations that want to leave a lasting legacy and impact on the world.

"Thank you for helping us create the unimaginable! The results were so amazing; It was a great experience for all of us, and we want to say thank you."

- Dorita Dayan, President of the Youth Leadership Bnai Brith Foundation

"Thank you very much for taking all the hours of your time to provide us with this space, which, as we could see in the results, was highly beneficial and appreciated by our members. It was something exceptional, which helped them not only perform an exercise of self-knowledge for their organizations but also on a personal level."

- Lili Urriola, Panama Chamber of NGOs CAPADESO

- Brittany Devries, Filmmaker and Activist

"Wow! There is more to Ana's method than just calming your mind; it's about literally connecting with your heart in a way I didn't know was possible! It's allowed me to continually move forward and to create space during the day to connect with myself and find a place of peace. "

"Ana Karina's facilitation has been fundamental to take the Penn Club of Panama's leadership to new heights. She keeps us engaged, connected, and motivated while helping us craft a clear and actionable roadmap to advance our group's objectives. I'm thankful to have Ana Karina involved with us, and I'm looking forward to continued work with her in the upcoming months."

- Julio Germán Arias, Penn Alumni Club of Panama

"Ana's method is very powerful. I worked with her for six weeks, and I practiced the techniques daily. The results were impressive. Everything in your life begins to change!"

- Anna Stephanie Muñoz, Transformational Coach - Guatemala

Here's what just some of my clients have to say about working with me.

Will The Dream Legacy Program Work For Your Organization?

This is the framework that some of the most prestigious organizations in the world are leveraging to bring about the most transformational results -- the United Nations with the Global Sustainability Goals, BMW, Facebook, US Airforce, among many other outstanding organizations.

So I know this program will work for your organization.

This strategy is NOT for everyone. 

You are ready to lay down your old beliefs and step boldly into a new way of leading your people.

You are a pioneer who is rewriting the way things are done in your company.

You are unshakable in your desire to achieve your dreams.

If that sounds like you, then The Dream Legacy Program™ 

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you have about the program. 

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You have an inner knowing that you and you're company are meant for great things and are destined to create a massive impact in the world.

You are already successful but want to go beyond mere success and create an inspirational legacy for generations to come.

You are ready to change the world.

is exactly what you need. 

Here's who the Dream Legacy Program™ is for:

Embracing Heart-Based Leadership is just the beginning

Are you ready to redefine your organization?

To start developing a uniting, winning strategy and yield results?

You could keep trying to solve your problems with SWOT analysis meetings and conferences.

You could try to micromanage your best people to keep them from being distracted and disengaged.

Or you could inspire your group into action using the scientific intelligence of the heart and watch your people and organization flourish, setting new company standards.

And you can create this fertile environment rapidly. All while maintaining more personal ease and calmness than
you can imagine.

Ready to connect with the genius that lies within your organization?

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