It's time for a major shift.

To do that you need to forget everything you already think you know about leadership. 

And discover the scientific heart-brain connection that can transform your inner and outer worlds and help you build a powerful legacy beyond your imagination

Discover The Secrets of
Heart-Based Leadership Now

Your wildest aspirations 

are achievable.

And with more ease and calmness than you can ever imagine.

In fact, being in a state of powerful calmness is the quickest way to achieve them.

You see, I've been where you are… you know, sick of feeling tired, stressed, and anxious about the future. 

Anxious because you know what you really want, but you have realized what you are doing is not getting you there. It's frustrating, to say the least... 

You know there must be a better way to bring your aspirations into reality, however, the more you fight, the more they seem impossible to reach… 

Until now...

Breath in.. and breath out... 

Feel the mental freshness and release of knowing there is an easier, more powerful way to create the inner and outer transformations that your heart has desired for so long.

I feel I already know you, you're one of those amazing people who have always known that they are here to positively impact the world. 

You have achieved a certain level of "success", but you know you are meant for something more. Something beyond yourself...

You want to create an inspiring legacy for your family and the people in your wider communities. That's what gets you out of bed in the morning. That's why you push yourself so much...

Not everyone has these visions.

But you do...

In times of inner calmness, you can see the vision so clearly, but as the haze of the day engrosses you those visions slip away and are replaced by the struggle and forcefulness of the 'old way' of leadership. 

Intuitively you know that forcing is not the right way of doing things, and your dreams of a beautiful legacy will never be fulfilled that way, but that's what we have all been taught to do to get what we want.

It isn't your fault, you know.

So you keep forcing things.

Most organizations begin their strategic planning by using a SWOT analysis and focusing on the problems.

They tell you that you must "take the bull by the horns", "stay mentally strong" and "don't show signs of weakness."

That you need to "command and control" every situation in your life to be a real leader and innovate.

But where has this led you?
To frustration? Stress? Burn-out?

Listen, the old way of leadership may have gotten you this far. 

But that way of leading WILL NOT get you to your wildest dreams and beyond. 

To do that you need a different approach, as building an inspirational legacy is a significantly different undertaking. 

It requires a state of mind beyond forcefulness.

You can apply this scientific heart-brain leadership strategy into all areas of your personal and business life to create the future you want.

I have individual clients and large organizations integrating this technique into their daily lives and creating magical transformations beyond their expectations! 

If you have aspirations for your life that make your heart jump but can't seem to translate that into the real world...

If you know you were meant for more than where you currently are, even if you are successful right now...

If you are ready to lay down your old beliefs and step boldly into a new way of being...

Then it's time to connect your heart with your brain and bring a new powerful energy into your life, into a life of connectedness, synchronicity and ease.

Because the world needs you
to step into your greatness,

now more than ever.

That's why you've found your way here. The key you're looking for exists and has led you to this point...
A life where you get to make the impact you have been longing for.

It's time for you to make the shift, too, and step into your dream and make it a reality.

And the good news?

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Using The Secrets of
Heart-GUIDEd Leadership

The Most Powerful Technique To Rapidly Connect With Your Genius and Transform Your Inner and Outer World.

Pull back the curtain on how my clients are using The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership to create the inspirational impact they have been searching for.

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"Ana's method is very powerful. I worked with her for six weeks, and I practiced the techniques daily. The results were impressive. Everything in your life begins to change!"

- Anna Stephanie Muñoz, Transformational Coach

“Ana Karina's facilitation has been fundamental to take the Penn Club of Panama's leadership to new heights. She helped us craft a clear and actionable roadmap to advance our group's objectives. I'm thankful to have Ana Karina on board with us, and am looking forward to continue working with her in the upcoming months..”

- Julio Germán Arias, Penn WHARTON Alumni Club of Panama

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Who Is Ana Karina Smith Cain?

I am the world-leading authority in inner and outer transformations for individuals and organizations using the proven science of the heart-brain connection, I call "Heart-Guided Leadership."

Over years of corporate and personal experiences, I have proven this mysterious, yet powerful heart science can be applied successfully by any individual or organization looking to go above and beyond their current realities.

I help organizations create changes that result in complete cultural shifts, leading to the company's growth and the efficiency and purposefulness of their workforce.

I also help individual leaders create significant emotional transformations so they can lead with personal power and confidence even in situations they would usually feel stressed, anxious or unsure of themselves and begin creating the version of their life they have been dreaming of. 

My magician-like expertise is in my ability to rapidly connect people and groups to their genius so powerful thought can take place and inspire unbelievable transformations. 

My clients are individual leaders and organizations that aspire to leave a lasting legacy and impact on the world, even if they feel like their vision may be out of reach right now.

One of the most poignant examples of my work is having a key leadership role in changing the culture in a leading Latin American airline, Copa Airlines. After the cultural transformation, the company had a significant increase in profitability, reliability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. 94% of employees were very clear on how their daily work helped the company reach its higher goals of connecting people throughout the Americas. And it is still one of the most successful and resilient airlines in the Americas due to this cultural transformation.

It is a real transformational legacy that has continued to live on beyond my involvement.

I believe that through the power of authentic and appreciative conversation, anchored by the science of the heart, we can shift internally, organizationally and globally.

If you are an individual looking for personal transformation, or you're a leader of an organization seeking a cultural shift, you've arrived at the right space for that to occur.

Read More About Ana and Legacy Transformations

My company, Legacy Transformations, represents the visionary individuals and corporations who choose to connect with and use their imagination and greatness to shape the world, rather than being shaped by the world.

Both my individual and group services are anchored in The Secrets of Heart-Guided Leadership. 

Each program has the scientific heart-brain connection technique as the core method to help facilitate the desired changes in any situation.

The Powerfulcalm Method™
for Inner Mastery

The Powerfulcalm Method™ for Inner Mastery is how I help corporate leaders feel powerful and confident, so they can achieve their dream life with ease and calmness.

The method includes scientifically developed experiences from the HeartMath™ Institute, which have helped thousands to experience physiological changes, more ease, calm and wellbeing in just weeks after starting the emotional transformation program. Embedded in my method is the power of generative questions combined with the most carefully curated exercises in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Research. I have gift-wrapped my own proprietary blend of the most effective resources and practices that garner the most transformational results.

Find Out More About The PowerfulCalm Method™

The Dream Legacy Program™ for Organizational Transformations

The Dream Legacy Program™ for organizational transformations is how I help company leaders rapidly create a fertile environment for growth and creativity inside their organizations so they can develop an inspiring company vision and strategy that unites their employees with purpose and helps build a lasting company wide cultural legacy.

The program is a time-tested, and research-validated approach from the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) blended with personal inspirations to “discover the best of what has been, what is, what could be, what should be and what will be.” I am also an expert XChange facilitator and guide in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, and I am a student of the founder, Dr. David Cooperrider, at Case Western Reserve University.

This is the framework that the most prestigious organizations in the world are leveraging to bring about the most transformational results -- the United Nations with the Global Sustainability Goals, BMW, Facebook, US Airforce, among many other outstanding organizations.

Find Out More About The Dream Legacy Program™