The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership

Ana works closely with individual leaders and organizational groups to help them expand their visions of what's possible and then turns those visions into reality with what she calls "The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership."

It allows a person to tap into the regulating energy of their hearts to create powerful thought and centered emotional states that are the catalyst for transformational change, individually and organizationally.

Most of Ana's clients have had success in their businesses or careers already, but they know they are meant for something more. Something beyond themselves.

Ana helps them define their dream legacy, and expertly facilitates the process for them to bring that dream to life.

The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership is a proven science of the heart-brain connection. 

Ana has just launched two new programs,
The Heart-Centered Method™ for individuals and
The Dream Legacy Program™ for aspiring organizations.

When you work directly with Ana as a private client, she guides you or your organization masterfully through the easy process of scientifically syncing your brain with your heart energy so you can experience a higher, more powerful form of thought that can lead to unbelievable outcomes.

"The method has helped me so much! Even during one of the strictest quarantines in the world, I have been able to maintain my composure and inner balance. Thank you for everything!"

- Ana Larisa Cabrera, Journalist, Good Times

Ways to Work with Ana

for Inner Mastery

Ana helps individual leaders create significant emotional transformations so they can lead with personal power and confidence even in situations they would usually feel stressed, and anxious.

Once centered emotionally, these individuals can then confidently begin creating the version of their life they have been dreaming of and step into their greatness.

The method includes scientifically developed experiences from the HeartMath™ Institute, which have helped thousands to experience physiological changes, more ease, calm and wellbeing in just weeks after starting the emotional transformation program. Ana Karina also incorporated the inner mastery promise of the Coaching With Compassion model developed by Richard Boyatzis, with his Intentional Change Theory. 

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The Heart-Centered Method™

She has gift-wrapped her own proprietary blend of the most effective resources and practices that garner the most transformational results for any individual looking to create a future beyond their dreams.

Embedded in Ana's method is the power of APPRECIATIVE questions combined with the most carefully curated exercises in COACHING AND HEART INTELLIGENCE SCIENTIFIC Research.

The Dream Legacy Program™ 

When organizational leaders want to rapidly create a fertile environment for growth and creativity inside their organizations, Ana is the go-to expert they turn to to make this happen and facilitate a powerful transformation.

Even if organizations have struggled to bring their people together in the past, The Dream Legacy Program™ is able to help lay aside past difficulties and unite every individual to create the unimaginable.

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 "Thank you for helping us create the unimaginable! The results were so amazing; It was a great experience for all of us and we want to say thank you."

Dorita Dayan, President of the Youth Leadership Bnai Brith Foundation, had this to say:

Using the scientifically developed heart-brain connection method proven by the HeartMath™ Institute, Ana is able to center each individual’s emotions, so together, they can calmly develop an inspiring company vision and strategy that unites the group with a shared purpose so they can begin building a lasting companywide cultural legacy.

The program also involves a time-tested, and research-validated approach from the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) blended with personal inspirations to "discover the best of what has been, what is, what could be, what should be and what will be."

This is the framework that the most prestigious organizations in the world are leveraging to bring about the most transformational results -- the United Nations with the Global Sustainability Goals, BMW, Facebook, US Airforce, among many other outstanding organizations.

for Organizational Transformations

"You have given me a wonderful gift that has improved my emotional wellbeing. Before working with you, I was constantly out of balance. Now I have more energy and can stay present during my day. Your method has helped me become a better person. Thank you so very much! " 

- Thamara Taylor, HR Executive