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Discover the freedom and control that comes with mastering your emotional wellbeing so you can achieve your goals with ease and stay calm and level-headed even during significant challenges.

And live your best life with less stress and anxiety than you ever thought possible

Learn how to awaken a more powerful version of yourself

"The techniques are easy to implement and do not require a lot of time."

- Mariví González, Health Coach

Ever feel like there has to be a way to achieve your highest potential without constantly enduring feelings of burn-out, frustration or overwhelm?

What if you could stop:

Imagine if you had the ability to:

Feeling like you have to hustle every day to achieve your goals.

Feeling emotionally and mentally drained and unbalanced.

Feeling disconnected from your true self and purpose.

Feeling like you need to force things to get what you want in life.

Feeling stuck or like you are in a personal growth plateau.

Quickly reduce stress even in situations you would normally feel anxious so that you can power through your daily activities with more ease and confidence.

​Access a higher plane of thought so you can confidently respond to daily challenges with better judgement and awareness.

Clear your mind quickly to achieve a sense of clarity and personal power you can use to make decisions easier.

And balance your mental and emotional energy so you can stay in a state of creative flow.

If you're here reading this, then I know this about you:

You've already achieved a certain level of success.

You're amazing at what you do.

You have a strong work ethic and demand the most from yourself.

But you're feeling blocked from your highest potential, and you're looking for answers.

The constant pushing, hustling, and forcing things is taking a toll on your emotions and your health.

You're finding it hard to fully reach the goals you've set because you hold so much weight on them to the point you feel constantly stressed.

You just need to know the 'how to' part...

You're eager to find how to bring a new refreshing energy into your life.

And attain the emotional wellbeing you've been searching for.

You're ready to step into a new world where you can effortlessly deal with the constant demands on your time and energy.

Where you can breeze through normally stressful situations...

You know from experience you can do anything you put your mind to.

You're looking for a breakthrough...


A life of emotional balance, connectedness, clarity and powerful confidence is achievable quicker and easier than you may think.

The Heart-Centered Method™ 

for Inner Mastery

The Heart-Centered Method™ for Inner Mastery

The Heart-Centered Method™ for Inner Mastery is how I help corporate leaders feel balanced, powerful and confident, so they can progress towards their goals with more ease and calmness than ever before.

This brand new method incorporates everything I have learned about masterfully managing stress and living life with more ease and resilience.

The most powerful part of my program is the scientifically developed heart-brain connection method proven by the HeartMath™ Institute.

It's a scientifically validated technique that can rapidly connect people to their heart intelligence, so powerful, balanced emotional states can be achieved and inspire inner transformations.

And it's so simple I can teach anyone to do this.

But don't worry, it's not some 'spiritual meditation' practice where you have to chant and bang on drums.

It's done using an easy breathing and focus exercise that feels pleasant and calming to do and quickly clears 'mental fog'.

What is the heart-brain connection method?

For more than 30 years, the HeartMath™ Institute has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health. 

And I have learned the scientific technique to harness those patterns to affect people's lives positively.

The heart-brain connection technique, blended with my other powerful methods, specifically develop and promote:

It focuses on what makes your emotions tick from a scientifically proven standpoint and then gives you the practical know-how to manage them so you can transform your life significantly.

Emotional Balance,
Mental Clarity,
Personal Confidence,
A Sense of Purpose,
Powerful Future Visions and
Inspired Action.

And it does all of this – naturally and effectively.

It's unlike anything else you have encountered before because it brings in scientifically tested and simple biofeedback to your inner work.

HeartMath's research demonstrates that different patterns of heart activity have different effects on your thinking and behaviors.

This revolutionary method gives you the tools, space, and confidence you need to calmly power through any day, no matter what life may throw at you. 

And it works even if you've been unable to implement stress management type methods in the past because the techniques and principles are entirely different and not focused on dissecting emotional blockages and instead transcending them altogether by tapping into a higher form of energy.

That's why it succeeds when other techniques fail. The PowerfulCalm Method™ takes an entirely new approach to help with stress management and emotional balance.

Speak with me about creating your personal breakthrough using The HEART-CENTERED Method™ now.

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So, Who Am I? And What Do I Know About Inner Transformations?

I'm an expert facilitator and mentor for forward-thinking individuals, groups, communities and organizations who want to go beyond their current results.

My company, Legacy Transformations, helps leaders like you facilitate rapid inner transformations, so they can achieve career goals with ease and operate with a sense of inner calm in all areas of their life.

Using the techniques I have developed and use inside my Heart-Centered Method™, I have been able to free myself from the blockages of past experiences and lifelong habits to build a life I had once thought was impossible—a life where my personal and professional dreams are being fulfilled. For example, I was able to repair my previously destroyed relationship and marriage of 14 years and get back together with my husband. And organizationally, I spearheaded the cultural transformation at one of the worlds most reliable and profitable airlines, which then went on to have a significant increase in profitability, reliability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Working with some of the most exciting and inspirational individuals, I specialize in inner mastery techniques based on the heart-brain connection science that allows my clients to create lasting change and achieve extraordinary results.

My clients are the believers. The movers and the shakers. The ones who will change the world.

I am so excited to launch The Heart-Centered Method™ for inner mastery.

If you've achieved success, but you want more for your life and know you are destined for greatness, The Heart-Centered Method™ will be the impetus you need for extraordinary outcomes.

When individual leaders want to create personal breakthroughs and get better results, I am the one they call.

I'm Ana Karina

But most importantly, I work with aspiring individuals who want to go beyond their current situations and impact the world.

"Thank you for helping us create the unimaginable! The results were so amazing; It was a great experience for all of us, and we want to say thank you."

- Dorita Dayan, President of the Youth Leadership Bnai Brith Foundation

"Thank you very much for taking all the hours of your time to provide us with this space, which, as we could see in the results, was highly beneficial and appreciated by our members. It was something exceptional, which helped them not only perform an exercise of self-knowledge for their organizations but also on a personal level."

- Lili Urriola, Panama Chamber of NGOs CAPADESO

- Brittany Devries, Filmmaker and Activist

"Wow! There is more to Ana's method than just calming your mind; it's about literally connecting with your heart in a way I didn't know was possible! It's allowed me to continually move forward and to create space during the day to connect with myself and find a place of peace. "

"Ana Karina's facilitation has been fundamental to take the Penn Club of Panama's leadership to new heights. She keeps us engaged, connected, and motivated while helping us craft a clear and actionable roadmap to advance our group's objectives. I'm thankful to have Ana Karina involved with us, and I'm looking forward to continued work with her in the upcoming months."

- Julio Germán Arias, Penn Alumni Club of Panama

"Ana's method is very powerful. I worked with her for six weeks, and I practiced the techniques daily. The results were impressive. Everything in your life begins to change!"

- Anna Stephanie Muñoz, Transformational Coach - Guatemala

Here's what just some of my clients have to say about working with me.

Will The Heart-Centered Method™ Work For You?

This is the framework that has helped thousands to experience physiological changes, more ease, calm and wellbeing in just weeks after starting the transformation program.

So I know this method will work for you.

This method is NOT for everyone. Here's who The Heart-Centered Method™ is for:

You are ready to lay down your old beliefs and step confidently into a new way of living.

You have an inner knowing that you are meant for great things and are destined to create a bigger impact in the world.

If that sounds like you, then The Heart-Centered Method™ is exactly what you need.

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You are unshakable in your desire to achieve your goals and dreams.

You are already successful but want to create a personal breakthrough and go above and beyond your current results.

You are ready to change your reality.

Embracing The Science of The Heart-Brain Connection Is Just The Beginning

Are you ready to redefine your life?

To start living the best version of yourself?

To achieve your goals with more ease and resilience?

You could keep pushing, hustling, and forcing things to get what you want.

Or you could achieve inner mastery using the scientific intelligence of the heart and powerfully step into your best life, all while maintaining more ease and calmness than you can imagine.

Ready to connect with the power that lies dormant within you?

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