"I'm here to lead a revolution into self-discovery and inner mastery, where those who come with me are deeply committed to inner transformation and becoming a power of authenticity and goodness in the world."

- Ana Karina

Who Is Ana Karina?

Ana is the leading transformational and heart-centered change expert for inspired individuals and forward-thinking organizations looking to go beyond their current results.

If individual leaders and organizations aspire to leave a lasting legacy and impact and want to know how to bring that into reality with ease and confidence, they work with Ana.

Her clients' reactions include "speechless", "beyond our wildest expectations", "invaluable".

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Committed to learning what does work 

Ana Karina Smith Cain helps people live more fulfilling and heart-centered lives. She blends methods gathered from the most rigorous scientifically validated science of emotional and heart intelligence. 

Ana Karina is a direct student of Dr. Richard Boyatzis, a true pioneer and master in the field of Emotional Intelligence. Boyatzis coauthored Primal Leadership with Daniel Goldman and created the Intentional Change Theory. His coaching model, neuroscience-based approach to change, Coaching with Compassion, is at the core of Ana Karina's Heart-Guided Intentional Change Method. 

Ana Karina is also certified in every program developed by the HeartMath Institute, which for over 30 years has conducted scientific research into the Science of the Heart and how to leverage our hearts to live healthier, more harmonious lives.  Ana Karina's programs embed heart-intelligence practices every step of the way, yielding powerful benefits in health and wellbeing. 

Ana graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Communication Sciences and Political Science.

Ana Karina also completed a Master's degree with the highest honors and a "Distiguished Mastery" badge from Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management in Positive Organizational Change and Development.

Throughout her undergraduate and graduate work, Ana Karina studied with founders of the Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence fields: Martin Seligman, David Cooperrider , Richard Boyatzis and Ron Fry.

Ana Karina Smith Cain is also a certified BodyTalk Systems practitioner, blending a growing holistic healing modality with her coaching and leadership work. Certified as a Wellness Counselor by Cornell University, the focus on individual flourishing is at the heart of Ana Karina's method. 

Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

24% improvement in the ability to focus
30% improvement in sleep
38% improvement in calmness
46% drop in anxiety
48% drop in fatigue
56% drop in depression

* N= 11,903 
Percent of individuals responding often to always on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)

Understanding the benefits of living a
heart-centered life and practicing the HeartMath™ techniques on a regular basis

From all my learnings and experiences, I understand what it takes to go from burnout  to inspiration and love of life.

I can't wait to share with you  the science-based, heart-intelligence strengthening tools that have helped so many move from energy-drained surviving to flourishing living.

I developed an emotional management toolbox to strengthen my own capacity for resilience.  We can all prepare for, respond and adapt in the face of change. 

These tools have enabled me to create an authentic and appreciative conversation with myself and others to make unimaginable transformations that have freed me from the blockages of past experiences and lifelong habits.

And from these tools, I discovered The Secrets of Heart-Based Living and have created two powerful transformational change programs for individuals and organizations:

The Heart-Centered Method™

for individuals

The Dream Legacy Program™

for aspiring organizations

The Heart-Centered Method™ for Inner Mastery is how I help dreamers achieve their visions with ease and heart-guided wisdom.

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The Dream Legacy Program™ for organizational transformations is how I help company leaders rapidly create a fertile environment for growth and creativity inside their organizations so they can develop an inspiring company vision and strategy that unites their employees with purpose and helps build a lasting companywide cultural legacy.

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I believe that through the power of authentic and appreciative conversation, anchored by the science of the heart, we can shift internally, organizationally and globally.

I am passionate about guiding others through transformations to bring the best version of themselves or their organizations into reality using The Secrets of Heart-Based Leadership.

With 20 years of leadership experience at prestigious organizations in Latin America,

And being the mother of 4 teenagers (and two dogs!),

I bring a singular mix of corporate background, and devotion to family and inner mastery, so I understand what it takes to flourish emotionally in real life, and then take things to the next level and beyond.

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My most audacious goal is for every human being to have access to true inner transformation so that we can change the world one breath at a time, one conversation at a time, and one organization at a time.

If you would like to talk with me about how I could help you or an organization you're involved with, create a powerful shift and step into greatness, click the button below and let's schedule a time to talk!

"Wow! There is more to Ana's method than just calming your mind; it's about literally connecting with your heart in a way I didn't know was possible! It's allowed me to continually move forward and to create space during the day to connect with myself and find a place of peace. "

- Brittany Devries, Filmmaker and Activist

"You have given me a wonderful gift that has improved my emotional wellbeing. Before working with you, I was constantly out of balance. Now I have more energy and can stay present during my day. Your method has helped me become a better person. Thank you so very much! " 

Thamara Taylor, HR Executive

"Thank you very much for taking all the hours of your time to provide us with this space, which, as we could see in the results, was highly beneficial and appreciated by our members. It was something exceptional, which helped them not only perform an exercise of self-knowledge for their organizations but also on a personal level."

The CEO of NGO Professional Organization (The 50 most important local NGOs) said:

Lili Urriola, Panama Chamber of NGOs CAPADESO

Ana also worked with the Penn Wharton Club of Panama, where she facilitated a conversation about the future of the Dollar in the current political environment, with renowned writer Larry MacDonald, in which the participants expressed a 94% satisfaction rating and said: 

Julio Germán Arias, of the Penn Alumni Club of Panama also said:

"Ana Karina's facilitation has been fundamental to take the Penn Club of Panama's leadership to new heights. She keeps us engaged, connected, and motivated while helping us craft a clear and actionable roadmap to advance our group's objectives. I'm thankful to have Ana Karina involved with us, and I'm looking forward to continued work with her in the upcoming months."

"Loved the interactive format and close-knit feel."
"Great atmosphere."

Being the first to bring appreciative inquiry in her country, she ventured into helping NGO leaders shift their internal conversations. The event had a 97% satisfaction rating from the participants.

If you would like to talk with Ana about how she could help you or an organization you're involved with,  create a powerful shift and step into greatness 

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